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Metal Decking Installation

As a company Durham Complete Decking specialises in the fixing of metal decking materials, not only this we take pride in our ability to provide clients with the very highest quality of workmanship  and excellent customer service.

Our metal decking operatives are all fully CSCS accredited and have all the necessary certificates to prove there competence and with their ability to carry out works to an excellent high standard.

Our team has the knowledge, ability and experience within the construction industry therefore we are well equipped to coordinate, deliver, liaise with your needs.  

Safety Netting

Durham Complete Decking safety nets are all manufactured in accordance to BSEN1263-1 and are installed in accordance to BSEN1263-2.

Safety netting operatives are all fully trained to install safety nets and all have the required FASET training certificates to prove there competence and ability to do so.

With Health and Safety always at the top of our list we are always trying to minimise the need to put anyone at risk, therefore Durham Complete Decking operatives have been trained to utilise the pole, applicator and claw procedure as a first resort.

Stud Welding

Durham Complete Decking can also provide a Stud Welding service to meet your site requirements, whether it is a mobile stud welding unit or a Static plant on site to suit your site logistics.

Mobile Stud welding Plants are all equipped with Generator, Rectifier, all necessary equipment, Shear Studs and of course a competent team of operatives.

Stud Welding operatives are all fully CSCS accredited and have all the necessary certificates to prove there competence and with their ability to carry out their works to an excellent high standard.



Durham Complete Decking was established in 2010 and operates nationwide in the UK, the company has continued to grow year on year, we offer many services such as metal decking installation, stud welding and safety net installation.  

Durham Complete Decking has built a reputation with clients for offering a high-quality service and maintaining rigorous health and safety practices. We are continuously investing in our workforce to ensure that employees are trained and competent to carry out their job to meet the needs of our clients.



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ISO 14001

Durham Complete Decking has implemented measures and policies that meet the requirements of ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Standard). This ensures that any works have a minimal impact on the environment.


We are audited every year by The British Assessment Bureau to ensure that the environmental policies are utilised into the everyday running of the business, this is achieved by reviewing the environmental documentation on a regular and providing training to all employees on environmental issues and best practices.

Durham Complete Decking plans to implement other ISO standards in the near future such as 45001 (Health and Safety Management).


Durham Complete Decking is a member of the UKMDA (UK Metal Decking Association). The UKMDA was set up in 2015 to represent the metal decking and stud welding industry. The UKMDA promotes best practices and health & safety within the industry, they ensure compliance by auditing members yearly.

Every DCD employee must attend the UKMDA Core Training, which covers all aspects of Metal Decking Installation and Stud Welding, they will gain the competence and knowledge required to work in the industry.


Durham Complete Decking is a member of FASET (Fall Arrest Safety Equipment Training). This organisation has developed best practices and documentation for the safety net industry, to become a member the best practices and health and safety must be implemented.

FASET carry out an audit yearly to ensure compliance, for example record keeping and maintenance of safety nets and qualified safety net riggers etc.


Durham Complete Decking is a accredited contractor under CHAS (The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme). This accreditation demonstrates that Durham Complete Decking complies with health and safety legislation.



Tel: 0191 371 2878



Durham Complete Decking Ltd

Unit 6, Skillion Business Centre,

Littleburn Industrial Estate,

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